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Junior Church at Christ Church Rathgar runs each Sunday, for 40 minutes.

Children of all ages are welcomed into the church and there is a children’s address at the beginning of the service.  At this time, they are invited to go up to the top of the church and sit with the Minister and have time to address a different part of the bible each Sunday.  This is done through various mediums so that the children get a concrete understanding of the message that the Minister is teaching to them.  There is a prayer and a song for the children before they leave for Junior Church (Sunday School) at 11:20 a.m.

 Children's address

Church is fun!


We have four classes in Junior Church:

1) the under 2 - 5's, called LIGHT  =  Love Is in God's Heart Too;
 the 6 - 9's, called GIFT  =  God Is Fun Too; and
the 10+ group, called FOG  =  Friends Of God.
4) the 15+ group, called Illumin8.

We hope through our work that we can nourish their curiosity and enthusiasm to be involved in the life of the church.



In addition to Junior Church, the children get involved in all aspects of church life, including the Harvest Service, a stall at our Christmas Fair, a Children’s service in December and May and various fun days and parties that are organised throughout the year.

The Junior Church endeavour to make the Bible fun and informative for the children, so that we can create a positive image of Christianity.  Please keep the children and teachers of the Junior Church in your thoughts and prayers.

Junior Church

Junior Church - Boy

Junior Church

Junior Church - Girl


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