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From now until Christmas there will be one morning service at 10.30 a.m.
The last Sunday of each month will be a communion service.
These arrangements will be reviewed after Christmas.

Sunday, 31st October
- is a communion service when we will consider our assumptions about the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper.  There will be a retiring offering for Involve Autism D6.

1. Remember the time change. Best way is to jump out of bed at 2.00 am and change your clocks!
2. The retiring offering tomorrow is for Involve Autism D6. This is a group of parents with Autistic children - about 30 families in D6. They are setting up a support group and we in CCR are delighted to be facilitating this.  They are short of funds - quite often one of the parents has to leave work to be a carer.  They need 370 euro for third party insurance before they can meet in our halls.  The retiring offering is towards this.

(All services conducted by Rev. Purvis Campbell unless otherwise noted.)



The Dublin Food Bank based in Tallaght (under the auspices of Crosscare) is in desperate need of food supplies to help struggling families over the coming months.  To help them out a box will be placed in the church front and rear porches after all services for donations of food such as pasta, rice, cooking sauces, tinned meat/fish, sugar and tea, together with things like tooth brushes, tooth paste, nappies, soap and washing powder will be gratefully received.  A member of the congregation is willing to bring donations directly to the food bank to help those in urgent need. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.



 Alan Martin (Rev.) 21 March, 2021
 Terri McNeill

CCR expresses our sympathy to Don, Richard, Glenn and Scott and the family circle.

 9 March, 2021
 Ian Kelly

May Ian rest peacefully after a life well lived to the fullest. He’ll be missed as he was such a big part of our life and witness over many decades.

Peacefully at St James’s hospital. Beloved husband of Ivy, loving father of Guy, Heidi and Kirstie and sadly missed by his wife, son, daughters, sister Yvonne, daughter-in-law Fiona, sons-in-law Geoff and Chris, and adored granddaughters Erin and Robyn.  God saw him getting tired, and a cure was not to be.  He put His arms around him and whispered “Come with Me”.

 13 January, 2021

 Gordon Wright

It is with deep regret that the church has learned of the passing of Gordon Wright in the early hours of this morning, 16 December 2020.  Gordon was predeceased by his wife Evelyn in April 2016 and his daughter Lynda in December 2019.  He is survived by his sons Stewart and Douglas.

 16 December, 2020
 Anne Wilkie (Peebles, Scotland) 10 December, 2020
 Guido Kerens

Guido served our congregation from the start of his association with Christ Church Rathgar - as a Committee member and Session Elder, recently Emeritus. He and his late wife Annagh were universally popular and active members of our community and we shall be the poorer for his passing.

 27 April, 2020


~ We commend their families to God's care and comfort ~


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Distribution of food aid to the children on the hostels of Vyara and Valsad, in South East Gujarat (mid June, 2020):


The children in the hostels come from the Dangs, a ‘tribal’ area about 50 x 35 Km, 20 x 30 miles in old currency, say the size of the Wicklow Mountains.  It is hilly, about 1000 metres, and forested, jungly. The towns are outside the area, Vyara to the North and Valsad to the southwest.  To collect the rations of grains and pulses people will have walked, or cycled if they are rich enough too have a bike. A long way to go to collect your porridge oats.  Consider Ireland 100 years ago without donkeys. 


Virtual Retiring Collection for Gujarati Hostel children in lockdown:

We are delighted to announce that the Virtual Retiring Collection after Palm Sunday's Communion Service raised a  tremendous sum, well over the target of
750. This is marvellously encouraging and our  warmest thanks and congratulations are due to you all for contributing so generously to ensuring that the Gujarati hostel children remain well fed! Apart we may be, but the Holy Spirit of community fellowship remains with us  to enable us to work together for the Glory of God - to make God's living and loving presence a reality in this world. Thanks be to God!  We remember all those adversely affected by Covid 19 in our prayers!

Robin Simmons

Retiring Collection funds sent to Gujarat: 750 from the Virtual Retiring Collection has been sent to Raymond Samuel  of SISU to provide sustenance  during lockdown to the Gujarati children looked after in CNI Hostels.

Late on 27th April I received a further email from Raymond Samuel of SISU  -

"This support  will be a real blessing for the children at this time, because their parents cannot go to work anywhere due to lock down and restrictions to migration work beyond one's own district. They can work in their small fields ,if they have land, after the  monsoon rains which start in June and can cultivate only in January or so, May the good Lord bless your congregation for all that you do to bless the less privileged children in our care."

N.B. 72% of the children have landless families, and none have more than 5 acres of land to grow crops on.

Gujarat Girls Leading Worship in CNI Church


Gujarat Hostel Kids Picnic


Prayers in a time of Pandemic (24th March 2020):

Robin Simmons writes: I received a reply to an enquiry about the young people in the hostels at Vyara and Valsad which CCR supports, passing on our prayerful concerns.

This is an edited version of the reply from Raymond Samuel of SISU who administers this and other schemes. He lives in Madurai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, in South East India. Gujarat is in the North West. Please  hold continually in your hearts and prayers the safety and welfare of the hostel children, their families and all those involved in their care, and in the churches of Valsad and Vyara.

"Dear Brother Robin,

Greetings in our Master’s precious name. Your letter has come as a great source of encouragement in this difficult situationthat is shaking the world.

We had to close suddenly the Bethel Hostels in Valsad and Vyara even before most students could write their school final exams. Schools and colleges and even government offices and private firms have been asked to close this week. Students will be promoted without final exams up to IXth standard. College students are yet to write their exams and are awaiting instructions.

The children and their families will be affected badly without proper earnings or livelihood support in this calamity. Normally the tribal folks migrate to work as manual labourers elsewhere until the rains come in late June. The government has not yet come out with any relief measures for communities in poverty. The civil supplies given - wheat, dal(pulses) and rice - in rations are not fully reliable.

Please uphold the situation in your prayers. We only pray and hope that the epidemic spread is checked and the governments (state and central) work together with relief measures for poor people. We will let you know of developments after Easter.

In spite of illnesss this spring, by God’s grace I was able to visit Gujarat and spend a week with staff for audit review and planning, and talk to senior children about their further studies. I met CNI (Church of North India) leaders in Valsad to encourage them and discuss the CNI/SISU child care program development. They have given positive assurance to raise their support for the program, but are struggling to meet from offerings the cost of hiring their church meeting hall. But amazingly God has provided for the food needs and clothing  for the children from independent local donors, especially during the Christmas season.

So thankful to you and the Congregation for their kind aid, and for your offer to buy us a smart phone for our official work to enable us to communicate better.  We would love to meet your church member any time, and could even go to Chennai (formerly Madras) to meet him.

We are still working with staff co-operation and commitment in spite of the fear with faith in God for our safety.

With many regards, and daily prayers for your health and ministry, thanking you again,

In His service,


Could you pledge a monthly sum to help support this project?  If you can, please fill in the section below and place it in the offering plate.

If you would like to make a regular contribution to this excellent cause please contact Randal Gray, the Congregation's Hon. Treasurer.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

To the Treasurer of Christ Church Rathgar:

I pledge the sum of __________ per month for the next 3 years to support
the Gujarat Project.

Name _____________________________________

FWO No. ___________________

CCR Bank details:
IBAN IE94 AIBK 931225 05581090

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Other ways to contribute:

1) Make an online payment to the CCR bank account marking it Gujarat and including your FWO number if you have one, to:

   AIB Bank
   IBAN: IE94 AIBK 931225 05581090

2) Send a cheque to the Hon. Treasurer at Christ Church Rathgar, Rathgar Road, Dublin 6, D06 CF63.

Vyara Ebenezer Children's Home is run by the Society for Integrated Social Uplift, a Christian organization for the advancement of "Tribal" Indians from the Dangs region in South Gujarat.  A letter from the Ebenezer Home explains the project as follows:



"The parents of these children are living in remote villages of mountain forests. They do cultivation in the monsoon only and get a poor harvest which is sufficient for four months only. As there are no job opportunities in these villages after harvest, these parents migrate to neighbouring districts for sugar cutting and other work. They wander in search of work for eight months with their families. The children are vulnerable and suffer without proper food and care. Their education and health are greatly affected in this wandering period. Seeing their pitiable condition the Children's Home admitted sixteen girls, with the help of local missionaries. Here they get asylum with proper food and education and are growing in physical, spiritual and educational aspects."





The girls at the SISU Vyara Hostel


Girls in the Ebenezer Children's Home


Girls in the Ebenezer Children's Home, ten of whom are supported by CCR


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Are you on CCR's WhatsApp group contact list?  If not, just ask Louise (087 242 1890) to add you to stay in touch with what's happening.  Feedback and suggestions always welcome!


The Pathway:

Meditation at the Crossroads: Learn the Ancient Art and Practice of Meditation

August 2020 update: 3 recent services are available on,  If not able to access the internet, e-mail and the services can be sent to you.

"I have spent a lifetime researching and writing about the intersection of spirituality, politics and human well-being, and been published in edited collections and journals.  My involvement in the art and practice of meditation is the culmination of many strands of life and work. In this world of diversity and constant change, I believe that regular meditation has the capacity to make us more fully aware of the creative power that resides within us.  The more we understand our inner being, the more readily we will treat others with compassion.  I have set up this site ( in response to global anxiety in the face of Covid-19.  The pandemic currently poses very real challenges to mental health and well-being.  My intention is to provide ancient and contemporary cultural and religious resources which might strengthen us as individuals and in communities."

Dr. Celia Grace Kenny


Home from Home Initiative:

Ohna McCaughey and John Lesson attended a meeting in Rathgar Methodist Church recently in support of a project to settle a refugee family in the area. The Home from Home initiative, guided by the Red Cross, seeks to settle and welcome a displaced family in the local community.

The Dublin 6 group is one of six in the greater Dublin area. So far 23,000 has been raised and another 2,000 is needed to reach the current target. At the meeting the Steering Committee, (an enthusiastic and impressive group of volunteers), announced that they had rented a premises.  They are asking supporters to donate furnishings and equipment. It is possible to get an up to date list of what is needed by emailing  Zion Church Hall will be open from noon on Sunday 24th Nov to receive items.

The meeting was delighted to hear that a Syrian family of four has been assigned to Dublin 6 by the Red Cross and the Family will be arriving on 11 December 2019.

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The Christ Church Rathgar (CCR) Mission Plan provides information for the outside reader about what our congregation does, and how we intend to improve and develop what we do.  It helps members of our congregation understand where their church is going and encourages their participation in its development. It helps those responsible for the growth of the congregation and its life make sure that important matters are being attended to and to check that aims are being achieved. The plan is annually reviewable and subject to continuous development to which all may contribute.


Mission Statement brochure
Digital brochure
of the Mission Statement and Mission Plan

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We, Data ProtectionChrist Church Rathgar need to gather and use certain information about individuals. 

This can include information about members and adherents, employees, volunteers, suppliers, service users, facilities users, residents, business contacts, and other people we have a relationship with or may need to contact.

This policy describes how this personal data must be collected, handled and stored to meet data protection standards and to comply with the law.

Why this policy exists:

This data protection policy ensures that we: 

  • Comply with data protection law and follows good practice.

  • Protect the rights of members and adherents, staff, volunteers and other people we have a relationship with or may need to contact.

  • Are open about how we store and process individuals’ data.

  • Protect ourselves from the risks of a data breach

The full policy and related material can be viewed in the links below.
1) Data Protection Policy
2) Data Retention Policy
3) Consent Policy
4) Subject Access Request Policy and Application Form
For further information, please contact the Data Protection Lead (DPL).


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