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 All services conducted by Rev. Purvis Campbell unless otherwise noted. 


9:30 a.m.*
 Sacrament of Holy Communion
(*unless noted as otherwise below)


11:00 a.m.* Morning Worship

*Quarterly Communion:
On the second Sunday of January, Palm Sunday and on the first Sunday of July and October, there is no service at 9:30 a.m. and Communion is held at 11 a.m. (unless noted as otherwise below).



Band Practice will take place on Saturday morning in the church at 11:00 a.m. and on Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m

So…. If you play an instrument at all - please come and join in.It would be good to have musicians WhatsApp group - let Louise know (087 242 1890) if you wish to be included in this.


January 28

 Both services conducted by Rev. Jim Carson
9:30 a.m.
Holy Communion
11:00 a.m.
Morning Worship
Homeless Sunday - Designated by Churches Together in
Britain & Ireland

February 4

 9:30 a.m. Holy Communion
11:00 a.m.
Morning Worship
SAS Sunday


To include any content in the monthly News Bulletin, please contact the Bulletin Editor (Robin Simmons) using the Contact Form or 'phone 01 298 6166.

News Bulletin
January 2018  

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 Sheila Gibson 16 January, 2018
 Stanley Laing 2 January, 2018
 Jean McMullan (née Wilkes) 3 November, 2017
 June Connolly
(daughter of the late Flo and Jack Connolly)
 5 September, 2017
 John (Jack) Lee 28 March, 2017
 Pauline Mossop 20 January, 2017

~ We commend their families to God's care and comfort ~


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Vyara Ebenezer Children's Home is run by the Society for Integrated Social Uplift, a Christian organization for the advancement of "Tribal" Indians from the Dangs region in South Gujarat.  A letter from the Ebenezer Home explains the project as follows:



"The parents of these children are living in remote villages of mountain forests. They do cultivation in the monsoon only and get a poor harvest which is sufficient for four months only. As there are no job opportunities in these villages after harvest, these parents migrate to neighbouring districts for sugar cutting and other work. They wander in search of work for eight months with their families. The children are vulnerable and suffer without proper food and care. Their education and health are greatly affected in this wandering period. Seeing their pitiable condition the Children's Home admitted sixteen girls, with the help of local missionaries. Here they get asylum with proper food and education and are growing in physical, spiritual and educational aspects."



Christmas cards from Gujarat (December 2016):

These are some of the beautiful Christmas cards sent by the young folk at the Hostels in Gujarat which we have been supporting, the boys at Valsad, and the girls at Vyara, to thank us for our support. They arrived in Ireland in late January, and have been in the hands of our Junior Church so that members of our Junior church could send some St. Patrick's Day cards back to India in return.  Some of the cards from India will be put up on CCR notice boards in the near future. We very much appreciate the efforts of all concerned, both in Gujarat and here in Dublin.











The girls at the SISU Vyara Hostel


Girls in the Ebenezer Children's Home


Girls in the Ebenezer Children's Home, ten of whom are supported by CCR


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The Christ Church Rathgar (CCR) Mission Plan provides information for the outside reader about what our congregation does, and how we intend to improve and develop what we do.  It helps members of our congregation understand where their church is going and encourages their participation in its development. It helps those responsible for the growth of the congregation and its life make sure that important matters are being attended to and to check that aims are being achieved. The plan is annually reviewable and subject to continuous development to which all may contribute.


Mission Statement brochure
Digital brochure
of the Mission Statement and Mission Plan

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CCR Children's Library is stocked by voluntary book contributions from all the families associated with the Church.  The Library is set up in the Youth & Family Area on the upper floor of the Tennant Hall.  Books may be borrowed and/or returned onCCR Children's Library Sunday mornings after church.  The lending scheme operates on a simple ‘trust’ basis.  We would welcome books suitable for all ages from 2 to 18.  These would be, in the majority of cases, books previously owned and read by our children who would be willing to pass them on for others to enjoy.  So, please do a clear-out of children's books at home and bring them into CCR for the Library.  There is a clearly marked box ready for them in the back porch of the church.  Thank you to those who have already contributed books.  For further information please contact Jill McQuillan (01) 497 1329 or Meriel Wolfe (01) 235 0349.

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Data Protection - CCR will...

  • obtain and use the information fairly (i.e. by voluntary sharing, for mutual benefit);

  • only share any personal information stored by CCR with persons or for activities directed by the Kirk Session or Congregational Committee;

  • keep it for only one or more clearly stated and lawful purposes which are communicating information concerning church developments and meetings;
    Data Protection

  • use and make known this information only in ways  that are in keeping with these purposes;

  • keep the information safe;

  • make sure that the information is factually correct, complete and up-to-date;

  • make sure that there is enough information - but not too much - and that it is relevant;

  • keep the information for no longer than is needed for the reason stated; and

  • give members a copy of personal information when members ask for it.

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  January    > also see the monthly news bulletin for further information.
CAR PARKING: Please do NOT use the FRONT church car park on Friday 26 January - permission has been granted for filming to take place.  This car park is normally kept locked except for Sunday mornings but will open on the Friday solely to provide access for the above.  Thanks in advance.

Tuesday, January 30 - The Church Committee meet at 8 p.m. in the Fletcher Room



Wednesday, February 7 - The Congregational AGM will taker place in the Lecture Hall at 7:30 p.m.  This will be an important evening for the Congregation, so please reserve the date in your Diary.

Wednesday, February 21 - The Kirk Session meet at 8 p.m. in the Fletcher Room

For ministers, elders, leaders and members of small churches across the Presbyterian Church in Ireland - Watch the promo clip here

Tuesday 20 February 2018         10.30am - 1pm         Assembly Buildings, Belfast

Thursday 22 February 2018  10.30am - 1pm      Richhill Presbyterian Church, Co Armagh

Friday 23 February 2018       10.30am - 1pm       Kilfennan Presbyterian Church, Derry

The vast m‎ajority of congregations in the Presbyterian Church in Ireland are small churches.  That shouldn't surprise us too much, so are the majority of churches all around the world today and so were all the churches in the New Testament. 

Throughout the Bible we see that God loves to work small in unfolding his big vision for the world.  However, to many leaders and members, the smallness of their congregation has become a source of disillusionment in ministry, doubt in God's purposes and despair about the possibility of fruitfulness.

We need to recapture God's positive vision for being small and fruitful in the life and witness of our congregations.

Join us to be encouraged and envisioned‎ in pursuing God's big vision for His small churches.  

With guest speaker Karl Vaters

Karl is pastor of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, a small church in Fountain Valley, California. He writes about the value and needs of small churches at Pivot on the Christianity Today website and is the founder of New Small Church a blog encouraging, connecting, and equipping innovative small church leaders. He is also the author of The Grasshopper Myth and forthcoming Small Church Essentials.

Cost: £5 per person [Euro equivalent applies]

Online:  Click below for a link to the venue of your choice:

Assembly Buildings, Belfast (20 February)

Richhill Presbyterian Church, Co Armagh  (22 February)

Kilfennan Presbyterian Church, Derry (23 February)

By post: Alternatively, you can post a cheque to: CCLW Office, Assembly Buildings, 2-10 Fisherwick Place, Belfast, BT1 6DW indicating your venue choice.



Transform is PCI’s Discipleship Conference for Young Adults. This year, Transform will be held at the unique venue of Crumlin Road Gaol in Belfast on Friday evening 23 March and all day Saturday 24 March 2018.  The 24 hours together will be packed full of inspiring Bible teaching, engaging worship, practical workshops, discussion, activities and food.  Cost is £55 ( equiv) for a non-residential ticket.  Some overnight accommodation is available in a nearby church hall for those travelling further.  Booking opens 8 January online.



PCI's 10 Summer Outreach Teams offer opportunities to be part of what God is doing through a variety of churches & projects working with children, teens, adults and in the community to show and share the Good News of Jesus with a needy world.  Information on the teams and full details of how to apply can be found online.

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The Dublin Food Bank based in Tallaght (under the auspices of Crosscare) is in desperate need of food supplies to help struggling families over the coming months.  To help them out a box will be placed in the church front and rear porches after all services for donations of food such as pasta, rice, cooking sauces, tinned meat/fish, sugar and tea, together with things like tooth brushes, tooth paste, soap and washing powder will be gratefully received.  A member of the congregation is willing to bring donations directly to the food bank to help those in urgent need. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

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The Session has decided that the proceeds of the Retiring Collection on Sunday 14th  January 2016 should be the Presbytery of Dublin & Munster Education Fund.

What does the fund do?  The fund was set up some 50 years ago to support those Presbyterian families experiencing financial difficulties in sending their children to suitable schools when secondary education became available for all. Since then its scope has been widened to include 3rd level education. Demand constantly increases and funds available have fallen behind the needs.

Why does the fund need money?  Last year just under 50,000 in grants were made to about 100 students. About 70% of these grants in value and numbers of recipients were made to secondary school students. Congregations have contributed only around 20% of the funds, and this contribution has been falling, so fewer students can be supported.  The Executive Committee of the Fund is keen to encourage an increase in Congregational giving. (The main contributor is the PA Foundation).

PLEASE give generously to support this very important Presbyterian charity which contributes greatly to the needs of young Presbyterians.

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Many thanks from the
Kirk Session to all those who contributed produce and
Jill McQuillan and her team
of helpers for creating
and dismantling the
harvest display.

Well done everyone!




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On 28 April 2017, 17 golfers convened at the beautiful Rathfarnham Golf Club by kind permission of their Committee and reactivated the Rathgar Golf Outing after a gap of 25 years! Using the 'Singles Stableford' format, the first golfers set out at 1pm. The weather was cool but dry and favoured the players with benign conditions. All players enjoyed the day and congratulations to the overall winner of the cup, Ms Ruth Ward, with 34 points, Mr Robin Fraser in second place with 33 points and the Clerk, Paul Fry, coming home in third place with 29 points.  The 'Front 9' prize was won by Tom Collins, and the 'Back 9' by Marcella Sargent.

The day's golf was followed by a delicious dinner in the Club, which saw the golfers joined by 33 other members of the congregation making a full 50 to sit down and break bread together. We were joined by our guests, Revd Lorraine Kennedy-Ritchie and her husband Samuel, as well as Revd Jim Carson and his wife, Valerie. Following the dinner, we enjoyed a short but enjoyable singalong led by Alison Houston and Simon O'Moore-Donohoe on ukulele and guitar respectively.  All thanks must go to Alison Houston who came up with the concept for the day, and saw it through to fruition in some style.




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