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All services conducted by Rev. Purvis Campbell unless otherwise noted.

Sundays - 10.30 a.m. Family Service;

Last Sunday of the month -
Sacrament of Holy Communion.

''Summer Praise in Rathgar".   A different style of service for July and August. 

Coffee will be served at the rear of the church and perhaps a few Danish pastry from Bijou. If the weather is good we can go out into the village square.

A little reminder about Children's Ministry on Sunday mornings.  We have taken the step of developing Sunday Club with facilitators coming in each week to do such things a music, art, drama, physical activities and relaxation.   Please bring your children and/or grandchildren to join in what we hope will become a dynamic Sunday morning.  Video and conversation in church with Sunday Club to follow.   What's not to like?  More info below...

Sunday 1st May, sees the beginning of an initiative in children's ministry.  It is a six month trial where Miriam Spollen who runs Connections Arts in CCR will provide facilitators for primary school age children. These will be skilled people who are already Garda Vetted, this saving us from this task.  Please encourage your children and grandchildren to join us on Sunday for what is an exciting approach to children's ministry in the second half of the service.




We support Hostel provision to allow children to attend school.  The children mainly come from disadvantaged families of a disadvantaged community. Families may be broken or are migratory workers.  The young people whose education is made possible by our support  have had an interrupted year’s schooling in 2021/2022, with both secondary and primary schools shut from time to time.  Much work has been done by the staff of the hostels to keep the students healthy and encourage their continued attendance in the hostels while schools have been open.  Assistance has been given to enable participation online when school has been closed.  The students have done well in and out of class.  Without our very significant support the scheme would have found it very difficult, perhaps impossible, to continue.  Some Hostel residents have now gone on to achieve third level education qualifications.

In early 2022, CCR held a most generously supported retiring collection in aid of our Gujarat project. We received two brief reports on the current situation there during the Covid emergency.  CCR’s contributions support staff salaries at both Hostels.

Edited Versions of these reports are available below.

Some abbreviations:  CSI - the Church of South India: a united Protestant church founded very shortly after Indian independence in 1947.

FMPB - the Friends Missionary Prayer Band - A missionary organisation based in the CSI, formed in the 1950s with the aim of the conversion of Indians to Christianity.  Methods used included providing care for marginalised Social groups - lepers, and those at the bottom of or outside the Indian caste structure. Tribal people are those left in poorer land by later movements of people.

CNI - the Church of North India. The Northern equivalent of CSI. In this area English is less often used as a common language. Founded in 1970.

SISU - The Society for Integrated Social Uplift runs Hostels and other projects to support the FMPB. Based in Madurai Tamil Nadu.

Bethel Girls Hostel - Vyara, Gujarat Program update Jan 2022 (edited):

We praise God for His presence with us protecting and blessing this academic year 2021-22, through 4 different Covid waves. Now 80 tribal girls from 8 districts study in this hostel.

Education – The schools opened  in mid-July for Secondary students (9th to 12th grade), on 1st September for Middle school (grades 6-8),on 1st December for Primary School(grades 1-5). As the schools reopened our staff informed the children in the villages by phone and by visits from local missionaries. Staff visited absent children and encouraged them to return to the hostel, advising them about covid safety. At present due to the omicron wave only the Secondary grades are open. For the younger children there is online study. 19 girls are in the Hostel. We have selected 7 new girls.

Health: sick children were given health care, and taken to hospital when ill. The health of children at home was supervised by our staff by telephone. Children were provided for their basic health care needs.

Spiritual development: Morning and evening prayers were observed daily in the hostels, with the staff providing bible instruction and monthly retreats were  provided by the local JMPB missionaries. On Sunday the children attend the local  CNI church and sing a special hymn. Corona restrictions prevent Sunday school.  A Christmas celebration was prepared by the children, and the local church members attended.

A clergyman from FMPB visited in October and spoke to the residents.

Due to the above important activities the following progress could be seen among the girls:

  • All children have passed in the last academic year 2020-2021 and were promoted into the next standard of education.

  • All children are in good health and happy.  On 03-01-22 our children who are above 15 yrs were vaccinated as arranged by their school. First dose is over. And in the month of February they will get second dose.

  • Viral fever affected a number of our children. Through timely & proper medical attention and prayer they are in good health now.

We praise God for all the blessings on our ministry and thank you for all the support.



Bethel Boys Hostel - Valsad, Gujarat Program update Jan 2022 (edited):

Boys and staff  were protected from Covid by the Lord

Education: Group study every morning and evening: all promoted to next standard due to pandemic rules.  The Hostel provides note books and stationery.

2 seniors studying as Fitters in Industrial Training Institute; and one doing BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) ( 3 year courses in Higher Education )

Health and emotional care : Good food, toiletries supplied. Twice daily Covid temperature check.  Details were givenof 5 boys sent to hospital with fevers All recovered thanks to medical treatment and prayer.

Spiritual care – twice daily prayer and Bible school;  Monthly retreat for boys and staff. Given by JMPB pastor : or by a Valsad Sunday school teacher.  New clothes  were given at Christmas thanks to sponsors from the local CNI church.

At present only 7 senior boys attending hostel/school as  Middle and Junior Schools are closed.

The report again expressed thanks to God for His protection during the year .

Above: Bethel Hostel - Worship time in Bethel Hostel Vyara.

Ways to contribute:

Regular contributions at present supply some 80% of the funds we have undertaken to provide.  Other contributors are the local congregations, and the FMPB (Friends Missionary Prayer Band), the Mission organization of the Church of South India.

You can make an online payment to the CCR bank account marking it Gujarat and including your FWO number if you have one, to:

   AIB Bank
   IBAN: IE94 AIBK 931225 05581090

Or send a cheque to the Hon. Treasurer at Christ Church Rathgar, Rathgar Road, Dublin 6, D06 CF63.


Above: Bethel Hostel senior girls going to school.

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Rathgar Children's Book Festival:

Rathgar Children's Book Festival


Rathgar Children's Book festival - bigger and better!

About this event...

This is the Second Rathgar Book Festival and this time it is bigger and better! We have seven authors speaking at different times and in different rooms within the buildings.  Tea and coffee will be available all day.

Tickets are 20.00 per family. That includes parents and children. Good value!

Once you buy a ticket you will receive an email with more information, and asking you to book any specific workshops where numbers are limited.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Amy Huberman will officially open the Festival at 12.00 noon and will have a Q&A session about her new book "The Day I got trapped in my Brain".

The authors: Shane Hegarty, Oísín McGann, Alan Nolan, Lauren O’Hara, Dave Rudden, Alison Weatherby and Megan Wynne.


Are you on CCR's WhatsApp group contact list?  If not, just ask Louise (087 242 1890) to add you to stay in touch with what's happening.  Feedback and suggestions always welcome!

Safe Place:




  Alan Martin (Rev.)

CCR expresses sympathy to Frances, Anna and the family circle.

  21 March, 2021
  Terri McNeill

CCR expresses sympathy to Don, Richard, Glenn and Scott and the family circle.

  9 March, 2021
  Ian Kelly

May Ian rest peacefully after a life well lived to the fullest. He’ll be missed as he was such a big part of our life and witness over many decades.

Peacefully at St James’s hospital. Beloved husband of Ivy, loving father of Guy, Heidi and Kirstie and sadly missed by his wife, son, daughters, sister Yvonne, daughter-in-law Fiona, sons-in-law Geoff and Chris, and adored granddaughters Erin and Robyn.  God saw him getting tired, and a cure was not to be.  He put His arms around him and whispered “Come with Me”.

  13 January, 2021


~ We commend their families to God's care and comfort ~


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The Christ Church Rathgar (CCR) Mission Plan provides information for the outside reader about what our congregation does, and how we intend to improve and develop what we do.  It helps members of our congregation understand where their church is going and encourages their participation in its development. It helps those responsible for the growth of the congregation and its life make sure that important matters are being attended to and to check that aims are being achieved. The plan is annually reviewable and subject to continuous development to which all may contribute.


Mission Statement brochure
Digital brochure
of the Mission Statement and Mission Plan

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We, Data ProtectionChrist Church Rathgar need to gather and use certain information about individuals. 

This can include information about members and adherents, employees, volunteers, suppliers, service users, facilities users, residents, business contacts, and other people we have a relationship with or may need to contact.

This policy describes how this personal data must be collected, handled and stored to meet data protection standards and to comply with the law.

Why this policy exists:

This data protection policy ensures that we: 

  • Comply with data protection law and follows good practice.

  • Protect the rights of members and adherents, staff, volunteers and other people we have a relationship with or may need to contact.

  • Are open about how we store and process individuals’ data.

  • Protect ourselves from the risks of a data breach

The full policy and related material can be viewed in the links below.
1) Data Protection Policy
2) Data Retention Policy
3) Consent Policy
4) Subject Access Request Policy and Application Form
For further information, please contact the Data Protection Lead (DPL).

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